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Expires 11/ 30/ Form I- 134 Instructions 11/ 30/ 16 N Page 1 of 6. See the instructions provided with the corresponding application for detailed information on where to submit this affidavit of support.
Who needs a Form I- 134? What' s the difference between Form I- 134 and Form I- 864?

Government agencies can bar foreign nationals from entering the country if the individual is likely to become a public charge. View download , print Instructions For I- 134, Affidavit Of Support pdf template form online. Easy & secure to prepare US Citizenship & Green Card Forms Online. To do so you need to sponsor your relative , also prove that you have enough income assets to support your relative when they come to the United States.

This USCIS form is used to show that the applying immigrant has enough financial support to live without concern of becoming reliant on US Government welfare. Prepare Affidavit of Support Form I- 864 application. Get free fillable ins immigration forms here.

A friend or relative wishing to visit the U. Citizen financially during that person’ s temporary stay in the United immigration form i- 134 affidavit of support and where to submit. Kwazulu- natal local division, durban. ( a) ( U) Effective Date: These figures represent annual income.
I have noticed that your advice differs from the requested documentation on the I- 134 Instructions. 8 Uscis Form I- 134 Templates are collected for any of your needs. Form i 134 affidavit support instructions. Form I- 134 is filled out by U.

These poverty guidelines remain in effect for use with Form I- 864 Affidavit of Support from March. What is Form I- 134? The version number and approval date are provided in the form’ s heading.

Form i 134 affidavit support instructions. Free download for Form I- 864EZ.

An affidavit of support is a document an individual signs to accept financial responsibility for another person usually a relative who is coming to the United States to live permanently. Form I- 134 Affidavit of Support is used to demonstrate a visa applicant has sponsorship and will not become a public charge while in the United States. New and revised forms.

While not absolutely mandatory, this form is highly recommended for sponsoring the visitors visa. In the high court of south africa. On this page immigration forms from other government departments , you will find immigration forms related to Green Cards, much more, visa , including USCIS forms / INS forms , US visas ( nonimmigrant visas) agencies. Under Section 212( a) ( 4) of the Immigration Nationality Act the U.

New revised versions of forms, published on this page from 5 June have been notified in compliance with section 48 of the Acts Interpretation Act 1954. Instant download guide provides detailed instructions on preparing and filing Affidavit of Support Form I.

As a citizen permanent resident of the United States you may help a foreign relative obtain a Green Card. Many people have questions doubts about how exactly to fill the I- 134 Affidavit of Support form. I- 134 Form Affidavit of Support is a Department of Homeland Security form which should be filled out by a US citizen , who is about to invite a visitor ( alien) visitors who are residents of foreign countries for a temporary stay in the US. Following are the general instructions to submit Form I- 134 correctly: Provide copies of your tax returns filed with the IRS ( Internal Revenue System) of the last three [ 3] years.

Office of the chief justice. May need you to demonstrate financial support.

Filing Tips for I- 134, Affidavit of Support Complete all sections of the form. Republic of south africa. Hello Simon, I hope you are doing fine.

Form i 134 affidavit support instructions. Form I- 134 ( Affidavit of Support) is an USCIS form for visa applicants with sponsorship. Immigration and naturalization service helps you complete error free Immigration forms. Government that the person can and is willing to support a non- U.
Sponsors to show the U. Forms I- 134 I- 864 are both affidavits of support but they are used for different visa types. Itienship and Immigration Ser ices USCIS Form I- 134 No.

I have read your article over, as well as the I- 134 instructions.

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To show that visa applicants have sponsorship and will not become public charges while in the United States. The sponsor must file a separate affidavit for each applicant.

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A new edition of this form is coming soon. In the meantime, you may file using the 11/ 30/ 16 edition. You can find the.
Filing an Affidavit of Support Form I- 134 is generally used to sponsor a visiting foreign national to enter the United States. In addition, the sponsor has to provide evidence that the applicant will not become a public charge while temporarily visiting the United States.

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Affidavit of Support Department of Homeland Security U. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS Form 1- 134 OMB No.
What is the purpose for Form I- 134?
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